APIs Overview

Name Account-type Data-format Description
Seller-API For API-Account Data Format REST-API to edit the vehicle inventory and for other functionality.
Search-API / Ad-Integration For API-Account and Dealer-Account (for own inventory) Search-XML REST-API to search and download ads.
Ad-Stream For API-Account Search-XML Websocket based API to receive server side events (created or changed ads).


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Some definitions


For accessing our API, you need an account. There are two account types:

Dealer-Area is the part of our platform, where a dealer-seller can login and do things like editing the vehicle inventory.
Reference data
Here you find reference tables for the enumerated data types like features, colors, makes, models and others.
Textformatting & Smart Attributes
Here you find information regarding how to format the vehicle description. Information how to use our Smart Attributes (in German only) can be found here.

A seller is the entity which offers vehicles at the mobile.de marketplace. There are three different seller types:

In Seller-API and Search-API, sellers are identified by the seller-key (also called seller-ID or customer-ID).
Note: The seller-key is not the customer-number that our dealer customers have.

site / site-id / site-key

mobile.de GmbH operates different platforms (sites) in different countries, for example www.mobile.de in Germany and www.automobile.it in Italy.
Each of these sites is identified by a site-key (you can find a full list of the site-keys in our reference data).

The API is available for all sites, albeit each site may have different rules for offering a vehicle and different sets of reference data.
Hence when offering (posting) a vehicle, you should consider the site your seller is registered and operational at.
You will find more information on that matter in the seller API section.

Customer support contact

Please contact Customer Support if you require more information.

Germany Phone: +49 (0) 30 81097500
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Italy Phone: +39 02 30410311
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France Phone: +33 (0) 810 000 220
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Terms and conditions

The API is operated by mobile.de GmbH.


Please note the terms and conditions regarding the API-Usage and Ad-Integration.