Formatting the Vehicle Description

The following information provides an overview of the possibilities of the "Advanced vehicle description" and its implementation within the interface.

Formatting Syntax

The following table defines the transmission of formatting information. The column "HTML syntax comparison" is used only for clarification. HTML tags are still displayed or executed on

The supported syntax is based on the popular WIKI definition CREOLE.

Description Mobile-Syntax HTML-Syntax Condition / requirement
Horizontal Line ---- <hr>
  • Spaces before or after the formatting command possible
  • No spaces between the four characters of the formatting command
  • Following the line an automated line break is done
  • Bold Text **text**
    **two words**
    <b>two words</b>
  • Two stars before and after the text that should be marked bold
  • No spaces between the stars and the first and last letter of the word or phrase to be formatted
  • A complete block can be formatted even if within the set other formatting's as lists or line breaks are used (see example)
  • Linebreak \\ <br>
  • Spaces before or after the formatting command possible
  • No spaces between the two characters of the formatting command
  • Other line breaks within the field of csv/xml-file are still not allowed
  • Enumeration * one\\
    * two\\
  • A star results in a bullet point
  • After a listing entry a line break must take place directly
  • At least one space between star and end
  • Example

    The following table shows an example of how the four formatting commands in the description field of the CSV/XML file is transferred and the resulting formatted presentation on
    For a better readability the description field is presented here in two lines.
    Content of description field in CSV/XML The vehicle has the following additional features:\\
    * Winter tires Warranty\\
    * Warranty\\
    * **Automatic climate control**\\
    ---- \\
    We also provide the following services:\\
    ** * Insurance\\ * Financing\\**
    Call us!
    Formatted Description on

    Further Details

    To still provide the full number of allowed characters for the pure vehicle description (please see documentation) there is an additional limit of 10% from the number of allowed characters that can be used for the formatting characters. For example 3000 characters description limit and additional 300 characters for formatting characters.

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