New Attributes for Cars
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    key value element key/value    
    speedControl   speed-control   also affects: Bus, Motorhome, SemiTrailerTruck, TruckOver7500, VanUpTo7500  
Tempomat Cruise Control   CRUISE_CONTROL   CRUISE_CONTROL deprecates field cruiseControl  
Abstandstempomat Adaptive Cruise Control   ADAPTIVE_CRUISE_CONTROL   ADAPTIVE_CRUISE_CONTROL   The vehicle manages to stay at the same speed. It will adapt its speed
to vehicles driving in front of it automatically. Sometimes called
automatic distance control. Manufacture names for this are: BMW - Aktive Geschwindigkeitsregelung; Mazda: Radar Cruise Control; Mercedes-Benz: Distronic
Alarmanlage alarm system alarmSystem true/false feature ALARM_SYSTEM The vehicle makes itself heard / seen, if someone tries to break into the car
Armlehne arm rest armRest true/false feature ARM_REST Arm rest between driver and front passenger seat
Beheizbare Frontscheibe heated windshield heatedWindshield true/false feature HEATED_WINDSHIELD Windshield has heating elements integrated (dedicated blowers to heat windshield are not to be considered as heated windshield)
Beheizbares Lenkrad heated steering wheel heatedSteeringWheel true/false feature HEATED_STEERING_WHEEL Steering wheel can be heated
Berganfahrassistent hill-start assist hillStartAssist true/false feature HILL_START_ASSIST Could be Hill Holder, Hill Hold Control or Hill Start Assist as well. A system to automatically support the driver when starting up from a stop on an up or down gradient
Radio   radio   radio radio-type also affects: Motorhome  
      TUNER radio-type TUNER deprecates field tuner  
Radio DAB DAB radio   DAB_RADIO radio-type DAB_RADIO   DAB Radio describes digital radio. It does not stand for a specific standard for cars sold in Germany, we expect the digital radio to support the DAB+ standard
Elektrische Heckklappe electric tailgate electricTailgate true/false feature ELECTRIC_TAILGATE tailgate is able to be operated electrically, either from the driver position, with a button on the tailgate or from a key fob as some examples
    daytimeRunningLamps   daytime-running-lamps      
      DAYTIME_RUNNING_LIGHTS   DAYTIME_RUNNING_LIGHTS deprecates field daytimeRunningLights  
LED-Tagfahrlicht LED running lights   LED_RUNNING_LIGHTS   LED_RUNNING_LIGHTS   The daylight running lights of the vehicle are powered by LED
Lederlenkrad leather steering wheel leatherSteeringWheel true/false feature LEATHER_STEERING_WHEEL also affects: MotorHome Steering wheel is covered with leather
Lordosenstütze lumbar support lumbarSupport true/false feature LUMBAR_SUPPORT Mechanism within at least the drivers seat which supports the back of a person during longer drives
Massagesitze massage seats massageSeats true/false feature MASSAGE_SEATS At least driver seat has an active massage functionality
Müdigkeitswarnsystem fatigue warning system fatigueWarningSystem true/false feature FATIGUE_WARNING_SYSTEM Vehicle warns driver if they get tired
Nachtsicht-Assistent night vision assist nightVisionAssist true/false feature NIGHT_VISION_ASSIST The vehicle supports the driver while driving at night. It might show heat signatures of larger living things and might warn the driver if there could be a collision possibility
Notbremsassistent   collisionAvoidance true/false feature COLLISION_AVOIDANCE also affects: MotorHome Vehicle tries to prevent a collision with other vehicles or objects by warning the driver and enforcing an emergency break or supporting the breaking effort of the driver
Notrufsystem emergency call system emergencyCallSystem true/false feature EMERGENCY_CALL_SYSTEM Vehicle is able to initiate (automatically) an emergency call if in an accident
Reifendruckkontrollsystem tire pressure monitoring system tirePressureMonitoring true/false feature TIRE_PRESSURE_MONITORING also affects: MotorHome Tire pressure is (constantly) measured and reported by the vehicle
Schaltwippen paddle shifters paddleShifters true/false feature PADDLE_SHIFTERS It is possible to change gears with paddles at the steering wheel
Schiebetür   slidingDoorType   sliding-door-type   also affects: VanUpTo7500  
Schiebetür rechts sliding door right   SLIDING_DOOR_RIGHT   SLIDING_DOOR_RIGHT deprecates field slidingDoor Sliding door for rear passenger seats at the right side of a vehicle
Schiebetür links sliding door left   SLIDING_DOOR_LEFT   SLIDING_DOOR_LEFT   Sliding door for rear passenger seats at the left side of a vehicle  
Schiebetür beidseitig sliding door both-sided   SLIDING_DOOR_BOTH_SIDED   SLIDING_DOOR_BOTH_SIDED   Sliding door for rear passenger seats at both sides of a vehicle  
Schlüssellose Zentralverriegelung   keylessEntry true/false feature KEYLESS_ENTRY Vehicle doors can be opened without a key. This could be done with pressing a button on a key fob or automatically by proximity
Sitzbelüftung   ventilatedSeats true/false feature VENTILATED_SEATS At least driver seat is ventilated
Sitzheizung hinten   electricHeatedRearSeats true/false feature ELECTRIC_HEATED_REAR_SEATS Rear passenger seats can be heated
Soundsystem sound system soundSystem true/false feature SOUND_SYSTEM Vehicle has a better sound system compared to the standard audio system of this model, i.e. : "Audi Sound System"(tm) instead of regular speakers in an Audi A7
Sprachsteuerung voice control voiceControl true/false feature VOICE_CONTROL Certain aspects of a car (usually hands free phone system) can be controlled by voice
Spurhalteassistent   laneDepartureWarning true/false feature LANE_DEPARTURE_WARNING also affects: MotorHome Vehicle tries to either actively (vehicle steers itself) or passively (warns driver if lane is left) to keep itself in a lane
Totwinkel-Assistent   blindSpotMonitor true/false feature BLIND_SPOT_MONITOR Vehicle warns the driver, if there are objects in the blind spots of the car
Touchscreen touchscreen touchscreen true/false feature TOUCHSCREEN Certain aspects of the car, usually the entertainment system, have a touch screen interface
USB USB port usb true/false feature USB The vehicle has a USB port in the passenger area, usually for connecting a media player or smart phone to the entertainment system or for charging devices
Verkehrszeichenerkennung traffic sign recognition trafficSignRecognition true/false feature TRAFFIC_SIGN_RECOGNITION Vehicle is able to recognize traffic signs and show the recognized signs to the driver
Fernlichtassistent high beam assist highBeamAssist true/false feature HIGH_BEAM_ASSIST also affects: MotorHome Vehicle recognizes oncoming traffic and switches between high and low beam
Sommerreifen summer tires summerTires true/false feature SUMMER_TIRES Vehicle does include summer tires. This does not have to include rims
Winterreifen winter tires winterTires true/false feature WINTER_TIRES Vehicle does include winter tires. This does not have to include rims
Allwetterreifen all season tires allSeasonTires true/false feature ALL_SEASON_TIRES Vehicle does include all season tires. This does not have to include rims
Stahlfelgen steel wheels steelWheels true/false feature STEEL_WHEELS Vehicle does include steel rims. The vehicle might include steel and alloy rims, together with summer and winter tires, this would be a complete 8 tire set
    headlightType   headlight-type      
      XENON_HEADLIGHTS   XENON_HEADLIGHTS deprecates field xenonHeadlights  
Licht - Bi-Xenon bi-xenon headlights   BI_XENON_HEADLIGHTS   BI_XENON_HEADLIGHTS   Both beams (high and Low) are driven by xenon lights
Licht - LED-Scheinwerfer LED headlights   LED_HEADLIGHTS   LED_HEADLIGHTS   Main Headlights are LED driven
Licht - Laser Licht laser headlights   LASER_HEADLIGHTS   LASER_HEADLIGHTS   Main headlights are laser driven
Blendfreies Fernlicht glare-free high beam headlights glareFreeHighBeam true/false feature GLARE_FREE_HIGH_BEAM High beam is able to mask oncoming traffic automatically. This is not to be mistaken for high beam assist. Manufacturer names are: Audi - Matrix LED, Mercedes Benz: Multibeam LED. Type of bulbs (LED or Xenon) is to be defined at headlights
BendingLightsType   bendingLightsType   bending-lights-type      
      BENDING_LIGHTS   BENDING_LIGHTS deprecates field bendingLights  
Adaptives Kurvenlicht adaptive bending lights   ADAPTIVE_BENDING_LIGHTS   ADAPTIVE_BENDING_LIGHTS   Low beam is following curves, usually at higher speeds. Not to be mistaken for static bending lights used when turning a corner
Scheinwerferreinigungsanlage headlight washer system headlightWasherSystem true/false feature HEADLIGHT_WASHER_SYSTEM also affects: MotorHome System to clean main front headlights
BreakdownService   breakdownService   breakdown-service      
Reserverad spare tire   SPARE_WHEEL   SPARE_WHEEL   vehicle has an actual spare tire rated for "normal" speeds
Notrad emergency tire   EMERGENCY_WHEEL   EMERGENCY_WHEEL   vehicle has an emergency tire probably rated for lower speeds only
Pannenkit emergency tire repair kit   REPAIR_KIT   REPAIR_KIT   vehicle does not have a spare / emergency tire but usually have a compressor and some chemical to close tire holes
Winterpaket (Modellübergreifend) winter package (for all models) winterPackage true/false feature WINTER_PACKAGE Package usually named with any manufacturer winter package. Could include (amongst other things / manufacturer dependent): seat heating, heated windscreen washer system, headlight washer system...
Raucherpaket (Modellübergreifend) smoker’s package (for all models) smokersPackage true/false feature SMOKERS_PACKAGE Package usually named with any manufacturer smoker´s package. Might include things like ashtrays or cigarette lighters
Abstandswarner distance warning system distanceWarningSystem true/false feature DISTANCE_WARNING_SYSTEM Vehicle tries to prevent a collision with other vehicles or objects by warning the driver
elektr. Sitzeinstellung, hinten electric backseat adjustment electricBackseatAdjustment true/false feature ELECTRIC_BACKSEAT_ADJUSTMENT Back Passanger Seats are electrically adjustable
Ambiente Licht ambient lighting ambientLighting true/false feature AMBIENT_LIGHTING (various) parts of the vehicle interior can be lighted with soft lights during driving. Color of those lights might be able to be changed
W-Lan / Wifi Hotspot WLAN / WiFi hotspot wifiHotspot true/false feature WIFI_HOTSPOT Vehicle has an integrated WiFi Hotspot and probable Internet connection to allow passengers to use WiFi devices
CarPlay   carplay true/false feature CARPLAY Vehicles entertainment system supports Apples CarPlay system. This allows an iPhone to take over the user interface of the entertainment systems (in part)
Android Auto   androidAuto true/false feature ANDROID_AUTO Vehicles entertainment system supports Android Auto system. This allows an Android Phone to take over the user interface of the entertainment systems (in part)
Volldigitales Kombiinstrument digital cockpit digitalCockpit true/false feature DIGITAL_COCKPIT There are no dedicated, single purpose instruments behind the steering wheel. The whole area is a screen and can be adjusted to the drivers requirements. Manufacturer names for this might be: Audi - Virtual Cockpit, Mercedes Benz - Widescreen Cockpit, Volkswagen - Active Info Display  
Isofix Beifahrersitz passenger seat Isofix point passengerSeatIsofixPoint true/false feature PASSENGER_SEAT_ISOFIX_POINT Front passager seat has Isofix connection points for anchoring a child seat
Induktionsladen für Smartphones induction charging for smartphones wirelessCharging true/false feature WIRELESS_CHARGING Vehicle has the capability to inductively charge a smartphone for example via the Qi standard
Musikstreaming integriert integrated music streaming integratedMusicStreaming true/false feature INTEGRATED_MUSIC_STREAMING Vehicle has a streaming service client (e.g. Spotify client) integrated to play music via this streaming service without a smart phone being present
Innenspiegel automatisch abblendend automatically dimming interior mirror dimmingInteriorMirror true/false feature DIMMING_INTERIOR_MIRROR Interior monitor dims automatically if it senses to much light coming from following vehicles
Umklappbarer Beifahrersitz fold flat passenger seat foldFlatPassengerSeat true/false feature FOLD_FLAT_PASSENGER_SEAT Front passager seat is completely foldable allowing for transporting longer items
Gepäckraumabtrennung cargo barrier cargoBarrier true/false feature CARGO_BARRIER It is possible to have a stable barrier between the cargo area / trunk and passenger area, e.g. with a net
Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungsanlage speed limit control system speedLimiter true/false feature SPEED_LIMITER The vehicle provides the possibility to set a speed limit, the driver usually is able to override this speed limit for example by pressing the gas pedal harder
Battery   battery   battery   Battery in electric vehicles  
Batterie gemietet rented battery   BATTERY_RENTED   BATTERY_RENTED   Battery is included with the electric vehicle but the buyer has to pay a monthly subscription for the it
Batterie gekauft purchased battery   BATTERY_PURCHASED   BATTERY_PURCHASED   Battery is included and purchased with the vehicle at no additional cost
Batterie fehlt battery missing   BATTERY_MISSING   BATTERY_MISSING   Battery is not included in this electric vehicle (e.g. the buyer needs to buy a battery separately)
Range Extender range extender rangeExtender true/false feature RANGE_EXTENDER Electric vehicle has a petrol support motor charging the battery if it is empty. Main engine(s) are driven with electrical power
Batteriekapazität (in kWh) battery capacity (in kWh) batteryCapacity integer battery-capacity integer Notation in kWh, integer Battery Capacity of an electrical vehicle in kWh to allow for comparability
TrailerCouplingType   trailerCouplingType   trailer-coupling-type      
      TRAILER_COUPLING_FIX   TRAILER_COUPLING_FIX also effects: Motorhome, Bus, ForkliftTruck, TruckOver7500, VanUpTo7500
deprecates field trailerCoupling
Anhängerkupplung Schwenkbar Trailer coupling, swiveling   TRAILER_COUPLING_SWIVELING   TRAILER_COUPLING_SWIVELING also affects: MotorHome Trailer coupling of this vehicle can be swiveled away if not in used. This could be done manually or with electrically
Anhängerkupplung Abnehmbar Trailer coupling, detachable   TRAILER_COUPLING_DETACHABLE   TRAILER_COUPLING_DETACHABLE   Head of the trailer coupling can be removed while not in use
Ausstattungslinie   trimLine string trim-line string defines the overall differentiation within a model. Trimlines at VW are called Trendline, Comfortline oder Highline. With Volvo, this might be Momentum, Inscription or Excellence
Baureihe   modelRange string model-range string This is the name of the model range / series of this model. For a Golf 6, this would be 1K, for a BMW 1-series 5 door hatchback this would be F20

This field is very important for our price rating and allows us to distinguish between different series of the same model and even between different face lifts of the same series. This might become a searchable item for consumers in the future
Erster Produktionsmonat und -jahr des Modells   firstModelsProductionDate yyyyMM first-models-production-date yyyyMM This is the month and year at which the production of this model started. e.g. for a Golf 6 3-doors hatchback, one would enter 10/2008. For a BMW 1-Series facelift (major change to the existing series) would be March 2015

This field is very important for our price rating and allows us to distinguish between different series of the same model and even between different face lifts of the same series. This might become a searchable item for consumers in the future
Extended Attributes for Cars
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    key value element key/value    
Luftfederung   airSuspension true/false feature AIR_SUSPENSION exists already for Trailer and SemiTrailer Vehicle has air suspensions instead of standard steal suspension
TV   tv true/false feature TV exists already for Bus, Motorhome There is a larger screen in the vehicle which is able to show weather the TV program or recorded media
ParkingAssistentType   parkingAssistants   parking-assistants parking-assistant extend existing attribute
also affects: MotorHome
360° Kamera     CAM_360_DEGREES   CAM_360_DEGREES   Cameras simulate a 360° view around the vehicle
Climatisation   climatisation   climatisation   extend existing attribute The vehicle has various zones for its automatic A/C. 2 Zones are usually Driver and front seat passenger, 3 zones are Driver, front seat passenger and rear seats with individual controls
EmissionClass   emissionClass   emission-class   extend existing attribute, EURO6 will be handled as EURO6B  
Schadstoffklasse 6c     EURO6C   EURO6C    
Schadstoffklasse 6d-temp     EURO6D_TEMP   EURO6D_TEMP    
Schadstoffklasse 6d     EURO6D   EURO6D